The Dr. A.M.A. Azeez Birth Centenary Meeting and the Memorial Oration were held on Tuesday 4th October, 2011 at 4.30 p.m. at the Ghaffoor Hall, Zahira College, Colombo 10. It was as usual a dignified event with a large number of persons in attendance.

The Meeting was jointly presided by Mr. S.H.M. Jameel, President of the Dr. A.M.A. Azeez Foundation and Mr. Nadvi Bahaudeen, National President of the All Ceylon YMMA Conference.

The Meeting commenced with the recital of Qirath followed by Kathamul Quran/Dua by learned Moulavis.

Mr. Jameel welcomed the guests and spoke on the history, aims, objectives and achievements of the Foundation. He commended the YMMA for organizing the annual commemoration meetings without a break from 1974 in honouring their Founder. He said that Mr. S.M. Kamaldeen, a close confidante of Dr. Azeez, initiated these meetings by the Azeez Memorial Committee.

Mr. Bahaudeen spoke on the formation, objectives, achievements and the large contributions made by the YMMA to the community at large.

The Birth Centenary Oration was delivered by Hon. Rauff Hakeem, M.P., Minister of Justice on the subject of “Post Colonial Identity Dilemma of Sri Lanka Muslims”. It was a timely,  inspiring and well worded oration fitting the historic and memorable occasion. He quoted many speeches and writings of Dr. Azeez from far back as from the 1940s, highlighting the identity of Muslims in education, language, culture and religion. He added that some of the profound observations made by Dr. Azeez on issues still remain in the realm of controversy and debate

A memento was presented to Hon. Rauff Hakeem by Mr. Khalid M. Farouk, Secretary of the Foundation, in appreciation of delivering the Oration.

A reprint and second edition of Dr. Azeez’s first English book, “The West Reappraised” published in 1964, was released at the Meeting. The first copy was presented to Hon. Rauff Hakeem, and copies were presented to old boys of Zahira College during the Azeez era, namely, Rev. W. Rathana Thero (who came all the way from the meditation centre in Gampaha) and Mr. V. Anandasangaree (Leader of the TULF). The book brought to light ten well known personalities who have helped in nation building and have been an inspiration to many. The essays in the book were well researched by Dr. Azeez and have been acclaimed by all readers. The Foundation felt that a second edition of the book should be published in the Birth Centenary Year of Dr. Azeez.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Mr. M.Y. Mohamed, a student and later teacher at Zahira College during the Azeez era and he subsequently qualified as a Management Accountant. He specifically thanked Mr. A.G.A. Barrie P.Eng., a distinguished old boy of Zahira College for his unstinted support in contributing to the publications and website of the Foundation. He also thanked the Board of Governors and Principal of Zahira College for their co-operation.

The Meeting ended with the recital of Salawath.

The YMMA hosted all those present with refreshments and drinks.

The Compere was Mr. M.F.S. Muheed who did a splendid job. He is an old boy of Zahira College during the Azeez era and a leading member of the YMMA.

A slide show of thirty selected photos were shown before and after the meeting arranged by Mr. Shiraz Fouz.

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