During his life, Dr. A.M.A. Azeez had meticulously preserved all his documents and records, which was mentioned in our earlier publications. They are still intact.

He has preserved all his scholarly articles, speeches, personal and official correspondence, original educational and other certificates, invitations, notices of public meetings, tributes, pamphlets, photographs et al. In other words, he has preserved every piece of paper which was of interest and relevant to him. He has maintained his diary from the 1930s. I had the opportunity of observing his meticulous ways and administrative skills, since I assisted my father frequently in his office at home and his private library. I benefited from these.

From the very inception the objectives of the Dr. A.M.A. Azeez Foundation were to publish the annual orations, speeches, articles and other academic and literary contributions of Dr. Azeez, which will be of great benefit to the academic and intellectual world as well, as to the general readers locally and internationally. An attempt was made in 1989, which did not materialize fully. This message was conveyed in the Ramazan Appeal of 2007. The response was encouraging and ten publications have been released, sponsored by ever grateful students of Dr. Azeez and well wishers.

It must be mentioned in particular, Eng. A.G.A. Barrie for his generous financial support. Also, S.H.M. Jameel’s initiative, advice and his wealth of experience in publishing the books from 2007, when he was elected as the President of the Foundation. Our sincere appreciation and thanks to both. This year we have added two more books to the list.

The website was launched in 2010 on the initiative of Eng. A.G.A. Barrie. It contains many tributes to Dr. Azeez, his scholarly articles and speeches on education, language and community. There are many photographs and audio speeches of interest.

Dr. Azeez’s important articles, speeches and reports were bound in 3 volumes. Some have been reproduced in the books released by the Foundation. His Senate Speeches were published in a separate book from the Hansards containing his speeches. Books on his early life, tributes and family history were also released. In S.H.M. Jameel’s view, Dr. Azeez was an exceptional leader of the Muslims, and his academic and other significant contributions to the community are noteworthy.
He added that there is no other Muslim leader in this country on whom so much information has been published.

It is felt that this year, we should publish a book on important events in Dr. Azeez’s life reproducing his certificates and important documents. These need to be on record now, failing which they will not be known to others. The book is titled “A.M.A. Azeez – Milestones to Remember”.

An important need is to compile the bibiliography of Dr. Azeez’s writings and sources. He had made a start and it needs to be completed. His diaries are an important source to write his biography which is equally important, and could be the subject of a doctoral thesis. Both need professional handling. These were discussed with Mr. Jameel who was ever willing to assist. 

S.H.M. Jameel rendered yeoman service to the Dr. A.M.A. Azeez Foundation. His sudden and untimely demise few months ago is a great loss to the community.

Ali Azeez

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